Swirl Flap Solutions

Swirl flaps are fitted to many models of BMW vehicles to regulate air flow into modern diesel engines in order to reduce emissions at low vehicle speeds.  Over time, both metal and plastic versions can corrode and fragments break off.  The effect of these fragments entering the combustion chamber of the engine is significant damage to parts such as the pistons, valves, injectors, turbo etc. resulting in a big repair bill for you.

There will also be loss of engine performance over time when swirl flaps are fitted as they become clogged with engine oil residues and carbon build up, which then reduces the air flow into the engine with a knock on affect in engine performance.  Get in touch to find out how we can alleviate BMW swirl flap issues before you are facing a big repair bill.


Launch Control

Launch control is an electronic aid to assist drivers of both racing and street cars to accelerate from a standing start. Launch control operates by using an electronic accelerator and a computer program. The software controls acceleration based on engine specifications to make the car accelerate smoothly and as fast as possible, avoiding spinning of the drive wheels, engine failure due to over-revving, and clutch and gearbox problems. Feel free to call or email us for more information. Please be aware this may not be available on all makes and models.


DPF Solutions

Diesel Particulate Filters (DPF) are notorious for causing problems, ranging from a subtle loss of performance to complete system failure, forcing your vehicle into limp mode.   Here at AJ Autos we have a number of solutions to tackle your DPF issues, carried out by experienced technicians at much lower costs than a main dealer DPF replacement.  Contact us for more information.


Vehicle Servicing

We are able to service all makes and models of cars and commercial vehicles and offer a more cost effective option than the main dealer networks whilst still maintaining your manufacturer warranties.  Our investment in the latest technology allows us to carry out diagnostic tests on your vehicle as well as to reset the service intervals via the vehicle onboard computer system.  For an estimate, contact us and please add your vehicle registration to provide us with your vehicle make and model.

Authorised Agent

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