EGR Deletion

The Truth About EGR Valves

Why are EGR Valves fitted?

EGR valves are fitted by manufacturers in order to reduce the amount of NOx (Nitrogen Oxide) emitted by the vehicle. However, there are more negative effects than the so say “Benefits”

Negative Implications
• Reduces efficiency
• Reduces performance
• Increases particulate matter (Soot)
• Causes carbon build up inside the Inlet manifold, engine internals and turbo

Diagram Of EGR

Failure often occurs when the dirty exhaust gasses clog up the valve causing it to stick in the open position, when this happens the engine is starved of oxygen and becomes sluggish and inefficient, in some cases the vehicle can become almost un-driveable. The valves can also fail electronically when the internal motor or position sensors fail.

Removing/Deleting the EGR Valve will result in the following;

• More Power
• Better Fuel Efficiency
• Less Flat Spots
• Improved Throttle Response
• Less Maintenance Costs
• Cleaner Intake System
• No Effect on MOT

There are two aspects to EGR Removal:

1. The EGR Valve is blanked preventing any exhaust gasses from passing through the valve and entering the intake system. EGR blanking is only required when the valves cannot fully close due to carbon build up.

2. The ECU is Remapped (Reprogrammed) and the EGR functions are removed from the ECU software or the valve is electronically programmed to remain closed at all times. This is the most important aspect of the job and it is vital that it’s done correctly. We can also remap the vehicle for better performance and fuel efficiency at the same time.

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